A new Diversity Academy Mural at Nano Nagle Place – hear the stories behind the artwork!

The vision of the Diversity Academy was to develop a space where diverse users of our site come together in creativity to express aspects of their cultures and address issues that are important to them. This was an artist led, community craftivism project where participants create a collaborative artwork.


We are delighted to have had not one but TWO Diversity Academies! In the first session, participants from The Lantern Community Project made beautiful embroidery inspired by textiles in the archive collections here which combined to make an artwork about what home meant to them.

In the second session we welcomed new friends from Ukraine and the Diversity Academy made a collage mural studded with links to videos.

Diversity Academy could not have one ahead without the open and generous participants, and also

Funding from Cork City Arts Office
Artist: Ann Metchelinck
Artists and facilitators: Claire Coughlan and Helen O’Keeffe from Creativity and Change
Shauna Lee Allen Pearl who supported the project both funding application and evaluation process
The support of the whole team at Nano Nagle Place









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