Please note our museum will have no guided tours between the 8th - 11th Dec and will close at 2pm on the 10th & 11th of Dec to accommodate performances of " A Christmas Carol".

In this very special episode we had the privilege of chatting with Sister Stanislaus (Sister Stan!) Kent who celebrates her 101st birthday on the 10th June, 2022,

She chats about her fascinating life, entering the Presentation Order in 1939, her 40 years of teaching in Youghal in Cork and even the rationing that went on in the convent during World War 2.

A huge happy birthday to Sr. Stan!

A beautiful new publication has been created by participants of the Lantern Community Project and author Laura Cassidy.

Here’s the foreword to the book!

When I write, I take the easy way out & work in fiction. There is a certain kind of bravery required to tell your story unfiltered to the world, to offer a part of yourself so purely to paper. In our Life Writing course we explored different ways of doing just that: personal essay, memoir, autofiction – you will find all of these forms in this vibrant collection. The impressive pieces printed here explore, amongst other things, family, education, companionship, resilience & adventure. Participants looked within themselves to share these stories, & carefully crafted their work to prepare it for publication. They are writers in every sense of the word. While facilitating this course, a line from a letter by my favourite poet, Emily Dickinson, resurfaced in my mind: “…I am out with lanterns, looking for myself.” The Lantern Project writers have been busy looking, & I hope you will find as much inspiration & light in these pages as I have.


The vision of the Diversity Academy was to develop a space where diverse users of our site could come together in creativity to express aspects of their cultures and address issues that are important to them. Diversity Academy was an artist led, community craftivism project where participants created a collaborative artwork. This pilot project, supported by Cork City Council Arts Office, built upon the incredible community cohesion and capacity building activities already undertaken by Cork Migrant Centre, The Lantern Community Project, and Nano Nagle Place. Diversity Academy for the first time brings participants of these organizations together in creativity and solidarity.

The aims of the project were to use as an inspiration the example of Nano Nagle who empowered people through making; to take museum collections out of the archive, particularly our beautiful early 19th century embroidery samplers, to act as starting points for crafting/creative activities; to teach new skills so that there is a shared venture in the participants learning something new together, along with harnessing artistic expression, with the aim of encouraging new social bonds.

A key aim was to allow participants a platform to steer the course of this creative/craftivism venture, which was led by artis Ann Metchelink. Along the way, other artworks were created! Creativity and Change artists Helen O’Keeffe and Claire Coughlan created a ‘graphic harvest’ of the craftivist sessions, giving visual expression to what has been a special and at times emotional experience for everyone.

Nano Nagle Place would like to acknowledge the generous support of Cork City Arts Office Arts in Context Funding 2022

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