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Blog: Chinese New Year at Nano Nagle Place

Nano Nagle Place & Cork Chinese Esoteric Buddhist School are delighted to host Corks First Chinese New Year Festival.

纳诺·纳格尔 广场&科克中国秘密佛教学校很高兴举办科克第一届中国新年节日。


We are launching this event with the generous support of Cork City Council and we hope to grow in the coming years into a week long festival celebrating Chinese Culture in the New Multi Cultural Ireland of the 21st Century



Nano Nagle Place

纳诺·纳格尔 广场

Nano Nagle Place is Cork’s newest hertiage attraction dedicated to celebrating Nano Nagle’s educational, community inclusion and spiritual vision for a contemporary world.

纳诺·纳格尔  广场是科克最新的遗产建筑景点,致力于庆祝内诺 内格尔 对当代世界的教育、社区包容和精神愿景。


Set with nearly four acres of walled grounds Nano Nagle Place is a sacred place that aims to be: the best heritage centre in Cork by telling the inspirational story of Nano Nagle & the Presentation Sisters; a welcoming and inclusive oasis of beauty, ecology, reflection and spirituality; a vibrant community and education facility; and a developing cultural hub celebrating and playing host to Cork’s diverse, talented & creative artists, writers, poets and musicians.

纳诺·纳格尔  广场占地近4英亩,是一个神圣的地方,其目标是:通过讲述内诺 内格尔和展示姐妹们的励志故事,成为科克最好的遗产建筑中心;一个美丽、生态、反思和灵性的欢迎和包容的绿洲;一个充满活力的社区和教育设施;以及一个发展中的文化中心庆祝和演奏科克的多样化,才华横溢和创造性的艺术家,作家,诗人和音乐家。


Hosting the Chinese New Year celebrations in partnership with the Hanmi Chinese Esoteric Buddhist School and Cork City Council is a real honour for Nano Nagle Place and a perfect example of our championing of community engagement and interfaith dialogue.



Shane Clark CEO of Nano Nagle Place

谢恩·克拉克   纳诺·纳格尔 广场 首席执行官    网址


                                                 Cork Chinese Esoteric Buddhist School


The Chinese Esoteric School of Buddhism or Han Mi 漢密 traces its lineage to Sakyamuni Buddha. It continues down to Nagarjuna, Nagrjuna to Nagabodhi, Nagabodhi to Vajrabodhi, Vajrabodhi to Amoghavajra, and Amoghavajra to Huisu. The lineage continues down to Huitong, Huitong to Huiling, Huiling to Dechan Jueren.



Hanmi merges the teachings of Laotzu, Confucius and Sakyamuni in one lifestyle, bringing an ancient culture to a more modern world.



Mary P O Connor met Dechan Jueren in Essex in the winter of 2007 and invited him to Cork where she took refuge, and so the teachings were brought to Ireland.




Mary P O Connor was ordained Vajra Acharya  in China in 2010,  and the Cork Chinese Esoteric Buddhist Centre was established in 2011. A native Corkonian, Mary P O Connor has long had a connection to Nano Nagle starting with her grandmother Hanorah and has had many profound experiences while meditating in Nano Nagle’s gardens.




The Chinese New Year 1000 Lamps Ceremony is steeped in Chinese Tradition & History and Cork Chinese Esoteric Buddhist School are delighted to be able to partner with Nano Nagle Place in 2019 to bring this aspect of Chinese Culture to a wider audience.



The students of Hanmi must learn to forgive everyone, to respect everyone, to help everyone, and to give happiness to everyone while bearing the disaster and pain alone.



Hanmi practitioners aspire to know oneself, change oneself and conquer oneself.



Wisdom is that which cannot be given to you but can only be revealed by realisation.



“Although our Meditations & Teachings are taken from a Buddhist Tradition they are not religious non-denominational and are open to all sentient beings”




Mary P O Connor:  Director of Cork Chinese Esoteric Buddhist School


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