Group Visits

Nano Nagle Place are taking the threat posed by COVID-19 very seriously. As a result we will no longer run our daily guided tours at 3pm.


Self Guided Tours

The Nano Nagle Place experience is a wonderful break from the norm for those on group tours. Our immersive heritage centre, designed for exploration, interaction and discovery, is a welcome change from the traditional guided tour. We are happy to welcome visitors, and give a tour if it is desired, but have had positive feedback from groups who were allowed to ‘do it on their own’.

The self-guided tour allows you to explore the wonderfully interactive heritage exhibition in your own time, including access to the beautiful Goldie Chapel.

Our 3.5 acre site is an unexpected oasis, a calm place for group members to wander and relax. Our shops are jam packed with Cork-made items and bespoke Nano Nagle Place gifts.

Book your self guided tour tickets here!

Guided Group Tours

Currently, due to social distancing, we are only operating self guided tours of our museum. We hope to resume normal operations when the Covid-19 crisis eases. During normal operating conditions we have group guided tour slots at 9.00, 10.00 or 11.00.

A guided tour of Nano Nagle Place includes a tour of the heritage exhibition and two other special rooms in the 1771 building. These tours are facilitated by our wonderful heritage Ambassadors and often by Presentation Sisters.

If you are running a tour for children or teenagers, please go to our School Groups page where there is more information on what we offer and our group rates.

Are you planning a group tour of Nano Nagle Place? Refreshments can be provided by Nano Nagle Place if booked in advance as part of your tour booking for an additional cost (this service will not be available during Summer 2020)

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays Good Day Deli take bookings for groups from 6 to 16 people, the sittings for these bookings are 12.30 and 14.30.

Please note that many bus drivers will not drive down Douglas Street. In this case the best place to be dropped is George’s Quay, a 4 minute walk to Nano Nagle Place

Book a group visit

To enquire about bringing a group to Nano Nagle Place museum, please fill out the contact form below, email or call (021) 4193580

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