‘We are obliged to most of these charities, only we must prefer the schools to all others’ – Nano Nagle

The underpinning ethos at Nano Nagle Place is learning, it its broadest sense. The aim is that we will have something to offer to everyone, from the youngest wobbler to those who have disengaged from education in the past. Our intention is to inspire and innovate.

This year our learning programmes will ask those who participate to help us ‘Make Nano Nagle Place’ by retelling our story using differentm media and languages. In the future we aim that our programmes will ask learners to work and campaign to make Cork a better place, and to work with the Presentation community across the world to learn about learning in other countries and create learning objects and materials for other students worldwide. If you are interested in bringing a learning group to Nano Nagle Place, whether you would like to bring young learners, are a school teacher, a community education facilitator or are active retired, we’d love to work with you to provide a wonderful experience.

Contact Sorcha at learning@nanonagleplace.ie to plan your visit.

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