Make Your Own Mini Nano Nagle Comic Book!

This week we were inspired by our yellow Nano Nagle comic book (which you can find here!) and decided to show you how to make your own mini Nano comic!

What you’ll need:
A4 paper
Colouring materials
Template (no need to print it out, just follow along)
How to:
1. Get your piece of paper and fold in half lengthwise, so it looks like a long rectangle. Crease well and unfold
2. Fold the paper in half the other way. Crease well and unfold.
3. Fold the two short sides of the paper inwards to the crease along the middle so the paper has two “doors”. Crease well and unfold!
4. Finally fold the paper in half (not lengthwise) but don’t unfold!
5. Cut along the middle crease at the folded edge of the paper until you reach the crease going across.
6. Now unfold the paper and fold it in half lengthwise, pinch the ends and push inwards so the middle flaps stick out (like a star).
7. Fold it so it look like a book and crease well one last time!
8. Now – the drawing! You should have a mini book with eight pages now, including the front and back covers!
9. If you are really stuck follow the template below.


Step by Step Guide:

You can use our blue or yellow Nano Nagle comic book to draw Nano’s story in your mini comic book! Or let your imagination run wild and create your version of Nano’s story! Don’t forget to show us your creations! You can tag us @nanonagleplace on social media or you can send your creations to

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