Chinese New Year Festival 2019

Chinese New Year Festival 2019

Nano Nagle Place & Cork Chinese Esoteric Buddhist School are delighted to host Corks First Chinese New Year Festival.

We are launching this event with the generous support of Cork City Council and we hope to grow this event in the coming years into a week long festival celebrating Chinese Culture in the New Multi Cultural Ireland of the 21st Century

EVENT SCHEDULE Lion & Dragon Dance on the Front Plaza at Nano Nagle Place

4.30 Procession to the Goldie Chapel

4.30pm Opening Speeches to 1000-Light Dharma Rite Performed by Corks Chinese Esoteric Buddhists
The Goldie Chapel will be transformed into a Traditional Chinese Temple for this event.
This traditional Chinese Ceremony is for General Blessings for Health, Wealth,
and Good Luck for All Sentient Beings with audience participation in lighting the candles
This Ceremony is for an Auspicious & Prosperous Year: Open to All, you do not have to be a Buddhist to attend…..It is to bring Good Luck to Everyone…to all sentient beings

Cork Chinese Esoteric Buddhist School and The Dari Rulai Temple Los Angeles co-ordinate in offering this Dharma Rite each year on Chinese New Year’s Eve for the benefit of All Sentient Beings.

We invite those who attend the ceremony in person to offer one or more of the 1000 lights for themselves and loved ones, and wish for good luck to help make the forthcoming year a great year!

Everyone in the audience is invited to light candles for their intentions

6.00 PM Intermission Food & Drinks available

7.15 PM An Tai Sui Dharma Rite

For those requesting to overcome obstacles brought by the forthcoming year if their Zodiac sign is in conflict it is advisable to have the An Tai Sui Dharma Rite performed on your behalf and have prayers offered for you in Cork and in the Dari Rulai Temple LA and the Yong He Gong Temple in Bejing

The coming year, may bring unfavorable circumstances to those born under any of the clashing signs.
For people born in the year of the Pig, Monkey, Tiger or Snake this is the time to make charitable & virtuous “An-Tai-Sui” donations on behalf of yourself and your loved ones.

8.15 PM Buddha Relic Blessing
A special blessing for those attending in person

8.15 PM Share Blessed Food & Drink ( Bring Food & Drinks to place on the altar)
There is no need to be present, our prayers will reach you wherever you are.

FREE to attend. Everyone Welcome! You can book tickets for different time slots of the event. Register here: 

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