Cor Na Li and Cork Deaf Association Community Choir Christmas Concert

A combined choir of Cor Na Laoi and Cork Deaf Association Community Choir sing and sign Christmas songs to warm your hearts!

Community Development projects north and south of the Lee have joined together to form ‘Cor Na Laoi’, a new choir for local people to experience the fun, friendship and some challenges of singing in a choir.

Cork Deaf Association Community Choir uses Irish Sign Language (ISL) to sign to music, here they are signing ‘Flying without wings’ …

13.00, 16th December, The Goldie Chapel, FREE entry all welcome!

At 14.00 there will be a demonstration of VIBOXO, a project to bring music to the Deaf and all other sensory impaired. This unique system is at an advanced stage of development and testing by Dolmen Innovation & Design, DCU Alpha. The development is partially funded and supported by the LEO Cork City Enterprise. People can try out  VIBOXO and can help with the development of the system by answering a few questions. The whole experience for each person would be about 2 minutes.

When the development is complete it will enable Deaf and other sensory impaired to learn and appreciate music to the same standard as their hearing peers! So come and be part of the development … 


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