Cork DFAS – The Irish Country House today

Saturday 14th October, 11.30 – 13.00, Conference Space


In 1792 the English judge George Hardinge visited Ireland and wrote of the houses that he visited:

‘I see as much taste without and within to the full as in England, accompanied by more beauty…’

Come on a journey with architectural historian Robert O’Byrne as he takes you around the country, visiting some of our loveliest houses, many of them not customarily open to the public and therefore little known. Explore fascinating interiors that have either remained unchanged for hundreds of years, or have been restored and brought back to life in recent years, and discover the stories behind their preservation. And learn what makes Irish houses different from those found anywhere else, and how it is that they come to possess so much taste and beauty.

About Robert O’Byrne

A former Vice-President of the Irish Georgian Society and author of more than a dozen books, Robert O’Byrne is one of Ireland’s best-known writers and lecturers specialising in the country’s historic houses and gardens. He is the author of more than a dozen books, among them Luggala: The Story of a Guinness House and Romantic Irish Homes and, most recently, Left without a Handkerchief. A contributor to Apollo magazine, The Burlington Magazine and the Irish Arts Review, since 2012 he has written an award-winning blog called The Irish Aesthete chronicling Ireland’s architectural heritage. A book of his photographs – The Irish Aesthete: Ruins of Ireland – was published in March 2019 and in December 2022 the Irish Architectural Archive in Dublin hosted an exhibition of his photographs. During 2021/22 Robert curated a number of events for the Irish Georgian Society, including exhibitions, lectures, a conference and a book, all on the theme of Ireland’s country house gardens. In Autumn 2021, his series on the same subject ‘Ireland’s Historic Gardens’ was shown on Irish television.


Cork DFAS is a group that focuses on learning about and enjoying our wonderful artistic and cultural heritage.

Regular talks cover a range of arts-related subjects, including material culture, design, craft, history, archeology, architecture and conservation. Topics include the lives and influences of artists, makers, craftspeople, curators and patrons. Talks are presented by recognised experts and delivered in an engaging and informative manner.


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