Finding your prayer Style

There are a variety of ways to prayer. All prayer leads to union with God.

Each session will explore a style of prayer.

Thursday March 21: Lectivo Divina (Meditation): Father Brendan Clifford, OP
Lectio divina, a method of reflecting on Scripture in our lives.

Thursday March 28: Centering Prayer: Sister Aine Ashe, LSA
Centering Prayer: a form of silent prayer where one consents to the action of the Spirit. A simple word is repeated to help one center.

Thursday April 04: Praying with Nature: Sister Margaret Twomeny, RSM
Praying with Nature: Are we praying when we admire a sunset, a flower?

Thursday April 11: Contemplative Prayer and living in the Present moment: Sister Una Harman, PBVM
Contemplative prayer: Allowing oneself to be lead by the Presence of God in prayer and in life.

Nano Nagle Place (entrance through Evergreen Street)

Registration is required:
Email: or
Telephone: 021-419 3580


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