Frederick Douglass Exhibition

Learn about the Life of Abolitionist Frederick Douglass and his inspirational time in Ireland

May 1st – May 31st, 2024  –  Lecture Space

Admission is FREE. Enter through the Museum.


About the Event
In this exhibition hosted in collaboration with the Cork City Library, comes weeks after the installation of a new mural at the historic Unitarian Church on Prince’s St dedicated to the the renowned abolitionist, human rights activists and global equality activist. It explores the depth of Douglass’ Irish connection as well as the roots of his inspiration as a former enslaved person. This exhibition provides an informational point of view on the timeline of Douglass’ life and accomplishments.


“For no man who lives at all lives unto himself. He either helps or hinders all who are in anywise connected to him.”
– Frederick  Douglass


About Frederick Douglass
In 1845, American abolitionist and former enslaved person Frederick Douglass visited Ireland. He was warmly welcomed and found a supportive audience for his anti-slavery message. The relative racial tolerance in Ireland impressed him, especially compared to the United States. During his four-month stay, he also witnessed the beginning of the Great Famine, which increased his empathy for the oppressed. Douglass developed a strong friendship with Daniel O’Connell, an influential Irish abolitionist. This visit reinforced Douglass’s commitment to fighting for justice and equality worldwide.


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