Kings, Norwegians, Snakes and the Church: Viking Art in Medieval Munster- Griffin Murray

Saturday, 9th April 2022, 11.30am

Conference Space, Nano Nagle Place  

Cork DFAS Lecture Programme in partnership with Nano Nagle Place

The history and archaeology of the Vikings in Ireland, and in Dublin especially, has received considerable attention in recent decades. Both the positive and negative impacts that the Scandinavians had on this country during the Early Medieval Period have been well rehearsed. However, the creative influence that the Vikings had on art in Ireland is less well known and, certainly, has been less celebrated. This lecture, which is based on new research by Dr Murray, looks at the influence that Scandinavian art had in Ireland outside of Dublin. It looks specifically at Munster, which saw the adoption of Scandinavian art in the decoration of both religious and secular objects in the later 11th and early 12th centuries. This Talk reveals the close contacts that existed between Munster and Norway, discusses the role of Munster kings in the promotion of the Scandinavian ‘Urnes style’, and looks in detail at the snakes and fantastic creatures that make up this vigorous international art style.

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