Safety.Sancturary.Set of Web

A slightly late event to chime with First Fortnight (Europe’s Mental Health Festival)   the aims of Safety.Sanctuary.Set of Web are to continue raising awareness about mental, physical well being and our connection to nature starting with exploring the theme of safety by photo and poetry exhibitions, interactive installations with public and multi-media performances (spoken word, movement, sound, etc.), collaborating with other artists when possible to enrich societies and to advocate for art.

Join Maria Kelly to explore these themes in our Heritage Lecture Theatre and around the garden at Nano Nagle Place.

• Photo and Poetry Exhibition
• Live-research Installation
• Spoken Word with Poetry Film and Sounds
• Live – sound Installation
• 26th Sat, 15:00 – Planting Celebration Performance
• 26th Sat, 15:30 – Future Orchard Reception invites you to Apple Juice tasting

Saturday and Sunday, 26th and 27th January, 11.00-16.00

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