The ‘Fairy Tale’ of Nano Nagle

Saturday 21st November 2020

This compelling ‘Fairy Tale’ of Nano Nagle is a dramatic imagining of Nano Nagle’s early life in Ireland and in Paris. Actress, writer and director Judie Chalmers created the piece along with Ann Dalton, to explore what motivated Nano Nagle to found here seven secret schools across Cork city in the 1750s.

Told in the candle-lit intimacy of ‘Miss Nagle’s Parlour’, a room we know to have been frequently visited by Nano, this work aims to bring the past alive on this special day in the year for the Presentation Community, 21st November, Presentation Day.

Created with the support of the 2020 Audience Engagement Funding Scheme from the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht

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