Wild Gardens Art Exhibition Launch

3pm, 15th February, Lecture Space, Nano Nagle Place

We are hosting Maria Burke’s upcoming Art Exhibition in the Global Hub/Lecture Space at Nano
Nagle Place on Thursday Feb 15th at 3pm – An open invite with tea & cake.

The Music for the launch will be provided by Hannah Healy & all the way from London Peter Brien.
What is really special is Maria’s Son Aidan & his wife Racheal will perform also.
We look forward to this exhibition, by honouring Maria, her gifts and kindness to the Lantern
Project, especially during COVID where Maria provided weekly online painting tutorials weekly for
over a year. Maria’s voice alone was a gift to our participants and the images she created
brought so much colour, light and hope into the hearts and minds of our audience.


“My work represents what I feel about things.
Nature for me is glorious and even on a bad day, it has the power to lift my spirits.
I love the wild garden movement that has sprung up around us in recent years. It’s amazing how
wild flowers grow, naturally. They look so delicate but yet are able to withstand harsh weather
conditions and storms. And they come back to dance in the wind for us year after year. In our own
Cork City we find wildflowers growing alongside cultivated blooms in the parks. Even here in Nano
Nagle Place there’s a public garden, an oasis of peace where people can relax and recharge.”

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