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Exhibition: not to make a noise about it …

As part of our celebration of 250 years of continual convent life at Nano Nagle Place we asked photographer Clare Keogh to take portraits of the sisters that live and work here. Over the course of the summer, Clare met with the sisters and took their portraits in places that they felt were special. Along with portraits, Clare also recorded interviews with the sisters about their lives and work. The portraits are now on show at Nano Nagle Place and can also be found here 

The title, not to make a noise about it, comes from one of Nano Nagle’s letters, where she describes that when she first opened her secret schools she ‘took in the children by degrees, not to make a noise about it.’ Ever since Nano’s time, Presentation Sisters have been quietly working to help where it is needed, and rarely made a noise about it. This exhibition celebrates the sisters of Nano Nagle Place and the remarkable lives and work.

Pictured in the Secret Courtyard at Nano Nagle Place are Sr Rosarie Lordan, Sr Lucy Lynch, Sr Patricia O’Shea, Sr Lelia Finn, Sr Mary Dinneen and photographer Clare Keogh.
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