The Lantern Project’s Moments of Light and Change

A beautiful new publication has been created by participants of the Lantern Community Project and author Laura Cassidy.

Here’s the foreword to the book!

When I write, I take the easy way out & work in fiction. There is a certain kind of bravery required to tell your story unfiltered to the world, to offer a part of yourself so purely to paper. In our Life Writing course we explored different ways of doing just that: personal essay, memoir, autofiction – you will find all of these forms in this vibrant collection. The impressive pieces printed here explore, amongst other things, family, education, companionship, resilience & adventure. Participants looked within themselves to share these stories, & carefully crafted their work to prepare it for publication. They are writers in every sense of the word. While facilitating this course, a line from a letter by my favourite poet, Emily Dickinson, resurfaced in my mind: “…I am out with lanterns, looking for myself.” The Lantern Project writers have been busy looking, & I hope you will find as much inspiration & light in these pages as I have.



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