The Presentation Sisters

The Resident Community

On the 28 November 2016 Sisters Emer Madigan, Rosarie Lordan and Emma Rooney moved into the Resident Community Space at the newly renovated Nano Nagle Place. Both Emer and Rosarie come from the South West Province of the Presentation Sisters in Ireland. Emma arrived from the Newfoundland and Labrador Province of Canada.

As a resident community in Nano Nagle Place, the Sisters first task is to be a prayerful and hospitable presence. Each Sister also has a specific ministry in this sacred and historical space.

Rosarie, Congregational Archivist, oversees the preservation of the history of the Congregation. She spends her days sorting and cataloguing archival material. She welcomes visitors and researchers and ensures that resources are available for academic research.

Emma has interest and experience in the field of spirituality. She has ministered in the area of justice and peace work, both as an educator and by promoting actions especially with an emphasis on marginalized women. Emma is keenly interested in all that pertains to ecospirituality. Emma will be offering sessions in spirituality at Nano Nagle Place beginning in September.

Emer went home to Limerick in 2017 and Sr Pia came from Goa for 8 months. Now Sr Mary Margaret is with us from the US.

The resident sisters are at the heart of what makes Nano Nagle Place a living heritage site where the work started by Nano is continued  by her sisters.


South West Provincial Offices

The South West Province was formed in 1976, following a number of Presentation Congregations coming together to form the Union of Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There are currently 221 Sisters in the South West Province living and ministering in Cork, Kerry, Limerick and also in Slovakia and Dublin.

Sisters are involved in a variety of ministries including education, pastoral work, catechetical and faith formation health care, justice, peace and the integrity of creation. Many sisters are formally retired but continue to dedicate their time and energy and engage in much voluntary work in the local community including working with prisoners, homeless people, migrants and refugees.

Sisters in the South West province live in the following counties:

Cork, Kerry and Limerick

The Provincialate is in Cork, Ireland. Contact email:

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