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Nano Nagle Place an unexpected oasis in the centre of bustling Cork City, a place that celebrates Nano Nagle’s vision of empowerment through education, community inclusion and spiritual engagement for a contemporary world. The complex houses a heritage centre, gardens, a café (opening Autumn 2017), and shop. The beautifully regenerated convent buildings are home to several educational charities. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, come and discover Cork at Nano Nagle Place.

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By visiting Nano Nagle Place you are helping us to further Nano Nagle’s inspiring work. We are a charity that seeks to keep her vision alive, along with caring for this special place at the heart of Cork for everyone to enjoy



What's On

Madrigal75 sing ‘Of Beauty and Charm’

19.05.18, 16.00

Free lunchtime concert: Jayne Demakos presents a voice and harp performance of sacred music

05.06.18, 13.00-14.00

Le Goût François

08.06.18, 19.00

Stories (Blog/Vlog)

Marking three hundred years since the birth of Nano Nagle ‘A Valliant Woman’

Last week in Cork city women from all over the world gathered to celebrate the birth of a woman who […]

Nano Nagle’s (bit) part in the Irish War of Independence

At Nano Nagle Place we are celebrating the tercentenary of Nano Nagle’s Birth this year. The year, 2018, marks another […]

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