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Men’s Group

Men’s Group

Who are we?

The Men’s Group provides a safe space for our members to participate in social and recreational activities. The friendly and authentic environment creates opportunities for friendship, confidence building and empowerment.

The atmosphere is respectful while allowing for individual expression of unique character traits. The participants develop a sense of ownership and belonging.

What we do?

We meet as a group on two afternoons every week on Mondays and Thursdays. Members have opportunities to engage as they wish. Some play pool, darts and board games. Others choose to engage in creative pursuits like art, musical instruments and singing. Some men prefer to read the paper or play their music video choices on the big screen. While others get involved in some gardening.

There’s is always an openness and encouragement for members to express their needs. There are also several bus outings every year. Tea/coffee, sandwiches and biscuits are always provided.

Participation in the men’s group encourages the members to stay connected with self, others, and the world in general. It reduces isolation and health issues and promotes the maintenance of vitality for life.

Contact Us:

Contact the Men’s Group Coordinator at 

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