Cork Harbour Festival- The Gab Storytelling, Special Mixtape Event

It’s time again for the Cork Harbour Festival!

Join Us for a Very Special Mixtape Session with The Gab

The Gab members gather around a standing event banner and pose, smiling.
The Gab members gather around a standing event banner and pose, smiling.

Saturday, 8th June, 2024   1:00 to 3:00PM– Goldie Chapel

Admission is FREE. View the Full Festival Programme Here.


About the Event
Soak up fascinating water-themed stories with the Gab: a Cork-based story telling community offering monthly storytelling nights called The Mixtape. This particular Mixtape event is a very special one presented on behalf of the Cork Harbour Festival. It is one that will surely beguile you with Cork Harbour tales, River Lee stories and Celtic Sea songs. Expect a blend of song, story and poetry, where contemporary tales and traditional stories are shared and celebrated.


If you’re in the mood for storytelling, why not learn about the story of Nano Nagle after your enchanting time with the Gab? Take inspiration from your time in our lecture space and journey further afield to discover the many facets of Nano Nagle Place. Immerse yourself in the rich historical tapestry within our grounds and garden, embark on a journey through time within the walls of our dedicated museum, and discover the spirit of Nano Nagle’s courageous legacy echoed in every corner of our restored 18th century convent.

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